David Orndorf is an award-winning Wisconsin-based freelance editorial photographer who has worked with many of nation's leading magazines, including Time, Midwest Living, Fortune, Forbes, People, and many others. Magazine photography work has allowed David to photograph in a wide variety of environments that have ranged from portraits of CEOs of Fortune 500 companies to elephants at the zoo, and most everything in between.

David graduated from Arizona State University with a bachelor of fine arts degree in photography. His fine arts training has manifested itself in a successful line of sepia-toned posters of Italy, published by the New York Graphic Society.

For David's wedding photography, he manages to blend the professionalism of his commercial work with the beauty and creativity of his fine arts background. David believes passionately in the power of photography to not only express the magic and energy of a single moment, but the ability to create a beautiful and unique historical document that can be shared by family and friends for generations to come.

There is no other human event that contains the full range of emotions of a wedding day; this is why David is drawn to wedding photography. The wonderful mix of emotional details, meaningful portraits, and touching memories allows David to capture a beautiful collection of images that can be appreciated now and treasured as time goes on.

David feels honored that he is allowed to photograph weddings and this shows in his work. There is no group too big, or request too small. His primary goal is to attempt to exceed the bride's and groom's expectations of what wedding photography should be. David approaches every wedding with a complete focus on the client's satisfaction. His friendly, laid-back personality, and his strong belief in pre-ceremony communication with the bride and groom, all set the tone for a relaxed, jubilant wedding day that is enjoyed by all.